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Concessional loans

The South Australian Government has partnered with the Commonwealth Government to offer financial assistance under Disaster Recovery Arrangements to those impacted by bushfires in South Australia.

Eligible South Australian small businesses, primary producers and non-profit organisations impacted by the recent bushfires on Kangaroo Island and at Cudlee Creek, as well as other SA regions, including Keilira in the state’s South-East and at Yorketown on the Yorke Peninsula, can now apply to the State Government for concessional loans to assist them rebuild or continue operating while the regions recover.

The loans, of up to $500,000, will be available to support eligible businesses restore and replace assets and property that have been significantly damaged in the fires.

Applications are open until 31 December 2020.


Eligibility for concessional loans

Eligible businesses will operate in the local government areas of Kangaroo Island, Adelaide Hills, Mount Barker, Murray Bridge, Mid Murray, Kingston and Yorke Peninsula. 

For the purpose of these loans, a small business is defined as a business that employs fewer than 20 full-time equivalent staff and includes sole traders where more than 50 per cent of the sole trader’s income comes from that business. Businesses with a turnover of less than $50 million, with 20 or more employees, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about eligibility, please read Concessional Bushfire Loans Guidelines (PDF).
Concessional loan assessments will be undertaken by the South Australian Government Financing Authority.

What do I need before starting my application?

  • Business information

    • Corporate structure details that identify ownership and control. If your business has been established with trust arrangements, you’ll need to explain the arrangements and provide the name of the trust/s.
    • Insurance policy details, as well as details of any claims and losses covered.
    • Number of employees and the nature of their employment, including a copy of your most recent payroll.
    • A re-establishment plan to trade in the same local government area. The plan should include key milestones, associated timeframes and costs, and any relevant supporting documentation such as quotes. Costs might include land clearing, debris removal, purchase and installation of plant and equipment or purchase of stock.
    • Most recent risk management plans and assessments.
  • Financial documentation

    • Trading history, financial performance and capacity evidence.
    • Most recent statutory financial statement/s, including prior year comparative figures, consisting of balance sheet, profit and loss, statement of cash-flows, notes to the accounts, and directors’ statement. You’ll need to provide this for the previous financial year for loans up to $50,000, or for the last three years for loans greater than $50,000.
    • Financial forecast to re-establish your business.
    • For loans up to $50,000, you’ll need to provide financial forecasts for the next 12-months.
    • For loans greater than $50,000, you’ll need to provide financial forecasts for a minimum of three years, including profit and loss, cash flow, and balance sheet projections. You’ll also need to include:
      • key assumptions underpinning projections
      • details of project/program financing, including information about the availability of additional borrowings or internal financing for the project, as well as other sources of funding (including other government grants or private contributions)
      • demonstration of the ongoing viability beyond the re-investment phase
      • other supporting documentation such as quantity surveyor estimates, cost-benefit analysis, project scoping and designs.  
    • Details of finance facilities currently in place, including the total value of the facility and the undrawn and available amounts available for overdraft and other banking/finance facilities.
    • Details of any arrangements entered into with the Australian Taxation Office.
    • For loans greater than $50,000, details of proposed security including property title/s available for mortgage, assets available to be secured and proposed guarantees.
    • Details of any existing security interests.
    • Evidence that finance either cannot be obtained from a commercial provider, or that if it were provided on the terms offered, it would place your business into financial difficulty. If this loan is intended to re-finance existing debt, you must make this clear in the financial projections provided.
  • Damages evidence

    • Evidence to demonstrate the direct damage associated with the eligible disaster, including photographs, insurance claims and quotes.
    • Evidence to demonstrate loss of income as a result of the eligible disaster, including documentation showing a large reduction in income as a result of the disaster, for example cancellation of bookings or comparisons to performance in comparable past periods' loss of bookings.
  • Government assistance details

    • Other concessional loans or grants that you’ve applied for or received in relation to the eligible disaster.
    • Other government assistance your business has received in the past three years.

If you have any initial questions about this application, please call the Small Business Team on 8429 3801.

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