The Roller Shutter Repair Company doubles service offerings

The family-owned The Roller Shutter Repair Company began operations in 2013 with just two people before being awarded a $45,000 Small Business Development Fund expansion grant.

Director Jack Slater says the grant enabled them to purchase much-needed work vehicles and expand their service offerings. They are now making, repairing and installing roller shutters to residential and commercial customers across northern Adelaide.

“Belinda takes care of the administration while I manage technical expertise and field work,” Jack says.
“Now, since the grant, we’ve hired our newest employee, Ashley, which has allowed us to double our capacity and offer more in terms of trickier jobs that need two technicians.”

Before receiving the grant the company had to turn down jobs that required complex upstairs work, or lost work as customers often faced a long waiting period due to having only a single technician. Now they’re taking on new work, will be recruiting another employee, and plan to fully outfit a truck to custom-make shutters on the customer’s premises.

Jack read about the expansion grant in a brochure and nearly discarded it as just another piece of marketing mail.

“That flyer caught my eye for some reason and then I realised – this is something we qualify for. We had hopes of growing, but this grant has really enabled us to bring everything forward by years. It’s been a unique and amazing springboard for us.”

The Roller Shutter Company is located in Wingfield, which Jack says is the ideal location for convenience and proximity to major suppliers.

As a small business owner, Jack is most proud of being able to provide jobs for others.

“We’re helping to change other people’s lives, so we’re very focused on being responsible employers and advocates for work-life balance.”

Jack finds it difficult to define a single proudest moment as a small business owner.

“There’s not one moment, but a lot of little ones. When people contact us to thank us, or we receive customer testimonials, those are the moments we all celebrate together.”