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15th May 2024
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In Person Workshop

Digital Marketing with Fiona Blinco

McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Coast Visitor Centre, 796 Main Road McLaren Vale, SA 5171

This workshop, in a fun and practical way, will cover:

  • Discovering the top 3 channels for your business
  • Learning how to put a channel in housekeeping mode
  • Be released from the burden of doing the wrong marketing
  • Using AI to help with your marketing

Outcomes of the workshop:

  • Understand what channels are a natural fit for what type of business
  • Understand why a channel is particularly good for you
  • Understand why a channel is particularly good for your type of business
  • Discover intentional vs happenchance purchasing decisions
  • Be inspired to do the right marketing for your business
  • Be confident that off-line marketing can still play a role as much as on-line marketing
  • See ChatGPT being demonstrated to help with your social media and content marketing

This seminar is suitable for:
Small business owners and sole traders who want to prioritise and focus their marketing efforts in the right spaces and places.

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