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Financial Counselling Support

Support for businesses to manage financial impacts, continuity action planning, recovery plan, and more

Support for businesses affected by the Murray River flooding emergency

Financial Counselling support will be available for both employing and non-employing small businesses impacted by the River Murray flood. The details of this support are currently being finalised.

Support is expected to include access to free professional financial advice encompassing:

  • Initial business impact assessment
  • Recovery planning
  • Analysis and feasibility of business development/redevelopment options or scenarios
  • Development of business recovery/continuity action plans

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Be informed and stay safe

For the most up-to-date information including alerts and warnings, closures, and sandbagging information please visit

South Australia State Emergency Services

The South Australian State Emergency Services has a flood and storm information line on 1800 362 361 you can contact for support.

SA Power Networks

SA Power Networks is expecting the flood to impact electricity supply to low-lying properties and infrastructure. Visit SA Power Networks or tune into AM Radio for more information.