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Generator Grant

Financial support for families and businesses in the event of power disruption

Grants for families and businesses to purchase a power generator

Grants of up to $500 for affected households and $4,000 grants for affected businesses and primary producers cut off from power during the 2022 River Murray Flood.

The funding will be available for households and businesses that receive notification from SA Power Networks (SAPN) or the South Australian State Emergency Service (SES) that they will lose their power for reimbursement for the purchase of a power generator to enable them to safely remain at their property during the flood event.

This will help households in affected areas to keep up-to-date with daily announcements, maintain food safety, and stay safe by keeping the lights on, while businesses can continue their operations and keep business-critical infrastructure switched on.

To be eligible for this grant, households and businesses will need:

  • to show a notice* from SA Power Networks or the SES indicating the interruption of power
  • a tax receipt for the purchase of a suitable power generator
  • to provide a current Australian Business Number (ABN) if claiming for a business.

*This notice could be in the form of a letter, text message, push notification alert, or email. Dates will be verified on payment of the grant.

Generator Grant submissions are now open

Applications for the Generator Grant are now open.

For any questions, please contact the Office for Small for Family Business on (08) 8429 3801 or at outside of business hours.

Be informed and stay safe

For the most up-to-date information including alerts and warnings, closures, and sandbagging information please visit

South Australia State Emergency Services

The South Australian State Emergency Services has a flood and storm information line on 1800 362 361 you can contact for support.

SA Power Networks

SA Power Networks is expecting the flood to impact electricity supply to low-lying properties and infrastructure. Visit SA Power Networks or tune into AM Radio for more information.