New digital technologies hub to support businesses

Thursday, 15 February 2018

New digital technologies hub to support businesses
A new hub that will support businesses, researchers and students to prepare for a future led by internet-based technologies, is now open at Flinders University’s Tonsley campus.

The Tonsley Manufacturing Innovation (TMI) Hub will help ensure South Australia remains at the forefront of high-technology manufacturing in Australia, by helping accelerate the adoption of advanced digital technologies by local businesses.

The TMI Hub will also provide practical training and real-world research opportunities to industry and the education sector in the implementation of ‘Industry 4.0’ technologies, which are revolutionising the way manufacturers connect with customers and suppliers through internet-based technologies, such as automation, advanced robotics and the Internet of Things.

The TMI Hub further cements Tonsley’s reputation as global centre of excellence for industry and research collaboration, with modern facilities to train people for the jobs of the future.

The TMI Hub is located in the Flinders building at the Tonsley Campus. Discover how the TMI Hub is leading innovation.

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