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Growing our economy

Creating more jobs and investment in our state

It’s a great time to do business in South Australia.

We are dedicated to growing our economy to create more jobs and investment in our state and unlock economic opportunities by supporting local businesses to start up and grow. South Australia has the lifestyle people are seeking. Adelaide is one of world’s safest and most liveable cities, it’s affordable, easy to navigate with dynamic culture, food and wine scenes.

Now we’re working to match our lifestyle with a strong economy, giving South Australians and newcomers more reasons to live and work here.

What that means for businesses – new and established – is more support to help you start, succeed and grow.

Our small-to medium businesses are the single most important engine of our economy, driving South Australian growth and jobs. While you’re doing the heavy lifting to power the economy, the State government is partnering with you our Growth State policy to help you develop the tools and confidence to grow your operations, generate jobs and expand into lucrative new markets.

SA's growth industries

In nine priority industries with massive growth potential, we’re paving the way for businesses to work smarter and more efficiently by tapping into the technology innovations generated by our high-tech precincts, including Lot Fourteen.

We’re harnessing the smarts of startups to make government agencies work better for South Australians and helping primary producers adopt new technology to drive efficiency and production.

Energy and Mining

In the energy and mining industries, startups are connecting with research institutions to create new opportunities and solutions for businesses.


For SA businesses breaking into the export market, there’s extra support with the Virtual Business program which matches business with importers, export training programs, and new trade and investment offices in Paris, Singapore and the US.


We’re building new transport corridors and improving digital infrastructure to support our businesses and our economy to grow, while preserving what we value most about SA - our liveability.

With innovative new programs and exciting opportunities to collaborate, there’s no better time to start or grow a business SA.

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