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People and culture

Creating a positive workplace culture for your business

Building a positive workplace culture has many benefits for your business.

Every business no matter what size has a workplace culture which is usually led from the top.

It includes the attitudes, actions and values demonstrated in your business activity and interactions with staff, customers and suppliers, and the brand and reputation that distinguishes you from competitors.

Investing time in establishing the kind of culture you want in your business doesn't have to cost you anything can reap real rewards.

Establishing a good workplace culture can lead to:

  • Improved employee productivity and performance
  • Retaining and attracting quality employees - being seen as an 'employer of choice'
  • Innovation from employees who are encouraged to use initiative and share ideas.
  • Enhanced reputation for your brand and increased customer loyalty.

To build a positive culture in your workplace, consider:

  • Your business identity – what is the purpose of your business and how does it stand out from competitors.
  • Values – what kind of values do you want your business to demonstrate in interactions with staff, customers and suppliers.
  • Recruitment – use it as an opportunity to introduce employees into your business who reflect, and can enhance, your brand and values.
  • Recognition – find ways to acknowledge the employees who reflect your values and culture in their work.
  • Physical environment – establish a setting that promotes employee productivity by looking at factors including noise, temperature, lighting and other Work Health and Safety considerations.
  • Communication – keep open lines of communication with your staff so they know what’s happening in the business and feel comfortable coming to you with ideas and solutions to problems.
  • Leadership – get the right balance between leading your staff and entrusting them to take charge.
  • Conditions – consider conditions that can boost your employees’ wellbeing and job satisfaction for example, flexible work arrangements.
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