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Business tools and downloads

Practical information to assist you start, run and grow your business

Business tools and downloads

This toolkit is an online resource to help support and guide South Australian small business owners with a variety of tools, templates, videos, webinars and guidance to start, run and grow your businesses.

Please navigate through the toolkit via the left hand menu and select the categories and content you are interested in learning about.

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Grow with Google

Preparing your marketing plan

How to master social media for marketing

SmartCompany and MYOB discuss the various elements of social media marketing

Hosting an effective virtual event

List of things not to do

Business SA webinar series

SmartCompany webinars

SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool used to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business.

How to: Identify social media platforms that are best suited to your business

Building your digital presence and literacy

6 tips to stay up to date with digital trends and technologies

Buyer Persona template

Creating buyer personas helps you understand your target audience better. This template helps you define the demographics, interests, pain points, and motivations of your ideal customers.

Social Media Ad template

You’re a business owner who’s mastered the art of organic social media and want to dabble in social media ads. This template will take you through the steps and considerations needed for a social media ad. It will also give you a structure you can use for creating effective social media ads, including headline, description, visuals and targeting parameters.

Press release template

If you have newsworthy announcements or events, a press release template can help you to craft a professional and effective press release to distribute to media outlets and online platforms.

Marketing and Sales Strategy template

This guide is designed to assist small business owners in developing effective marketing and sales strategies to drive growth and success. This guide will walk you through each section of the template, providing insights and tips to help you create a comprehensive strategy for your business.

Email Marketing Template

Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to reach and engage their audience. This template will help step out what you need to consider to be effective and avoid spamming your audience to provide value and increase return on investment.

Social Media Post template

The Social Media post template provides a consistent format for your social media posts, including captions, hashtags, visuals and call-to-action buttons.

A practical guide to making the most of networking

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Staff and workforce24

eBook: A guide to paying your staff correctly

Comprehensive payroll guide

Mindfulness for small business owners

Free mindfulness program to take control of your mental health.

The transformation of Australia's workforce

Mental health and wellbeing

Managing mental health for yourself and staff during COVID-19

Be Well Plan

Wellbeing solutions from SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre

Statewide wellbeing strategy

Open Your World is a one-top-shop for information on wellbeing

Occupational health and safety

How to ensure your business is covered

Mental health check up

See how you are tracking with your mental health and wellbeing

Best practices when working remotely

Keeping teams connected when working from home

Business SA webinar series

Managing the cyber risks of remote work

SmartCompany webinars

Working in Australia

Preventing disputes

Assess and manage risk

Learn how to develop a risk management plan to prepare and protect your business.

The importance of cultural fit in hiring: Building strong teams for success

Understanding wage inflation

Assess your business' wellbeing strategies

Upskilling and reskilling: the differences and benefits

How to attract the right talent in a competitive market

Employee Handbook template

This template is designed to help you to outline policies, procedures and expectations for your employees.

Avoiding burnout as a small business owner

Having a mentor: Benefits and key considerations

A guide to hiring your first staff member

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