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Emergency Preparedness and Recovery

Preparing for an emergency

Emergency preparedness is about ensuring you have tools, resources and plans in place for when you need to respond to an emergency or a natural disaster.

Below are some helpful links to help you consider your business needs and to plan ahead.

Emergency preparedness resources and support

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Support for Kangaroo Island businesses

To build capabilities in business people across the Kangaroo Island region, Resilient Ready has been funded to create a FREE solution for the local business community.

This ‘Kangaroo Island Business Climate’ Roadmap will enable every person who owns, operates or works in a local business (including not-for-profits) to do business better – in the good times and bad.

Funded by SAFECOM, this project is a collaboration between Resilient Ready, the South Australian Department for Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS) and the Kangaroo Island Business Hub.

Members of the Kangaroo Island business community can access their Roadmap for free until 30th June 2026.

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