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Small Business Sustainability Support program

Sustainability support for Small Business

With net zero regulations affecting the supply chain decisions of industry, combined with the increasing importance of sustainability for consumers, it is crucial that small businesses act now to adapt, grow and succeed in a net zero carbon future.

Delivered by sustainability experts, 2XE Pty. Ltd., the Small Business Sustainability Support program has been designed to help you increase your knowledge of environmental sustainability, understand its relationship to your business, and help build your capability in adopting sustainable practices and reducing emissions.

Stage 1

Sustainability Workshops

You're invited to attend one of our series of 18 Sustainability Workshops across South Australia during 2024 and 2025.

By attending a three-hour workshop in your region, you will take away:

  • An increased understanding of how you can address environmental sustainability issues.
  • A deeper understanding of emissions reduction and sustainability options for your business.
  • An improved ability to access and understand data sources for emissions.

1-1 Sustainability Consultations

If you're a small business, you also have the opportunity for a 1-1 consultation with the 2XE sustainability experts.

This will help you and your business:

  • Identify where you’re at now with your sustainability practices
  • Recommend opportunities to implement emission reduction strategies or mitigate sustainability risks

Stage 2

Small Business Sustainability Assessment

Eligible businesses have the opportunity to access a Business Sustainability Assessment at a subsidised cost of $500 (ex GST).

This Assessment will be tailored to support your business and will develop actions you can take to reduce carbon emissions and outline return on investment for your business.

Upcoming Sustainability Workshops around South Australia
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The Small Business Sustainability Program is being delivered by 2XE

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