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Regional support

Connecting businesses with information and support

Regional South Australia encompasses a diverse range of environments, with our regions being home to a vast number of the state's most iconic landscapes and tourist attractions.

There are a range of organisations and programs available to support businesses and workers in South Australia's regions.

Regional Development Australia (RDA)

RDA is an Australian Government initiative that brings together all levels of government to support the development of regional Australia. A national network of RDA committees comprised of local leaders who understand the challenges, opportunities and priorities within their local communities, work with all levels of government, business and community groups to support the economic development of their regions.

Visit Regional Development South Australia for further information about the network and find your local RDA to discover their range of business support services.

Kangaroo Island Business Hub

This is a free government service which connects businesses to information, support services and experts in one convenient place.

Located on Commercial Street in Kingscote, the Hub offers a range of in-house services including business information, expert advice, government support services, coaching and mentoring to help your business start, grow or become more competitive.

The Kangaroo Island Business Hub is jointly funded by the South Australian and Australian Governments to support the economic recovery of Kangaroo Island.

Grant programs and support

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Grant programs

There are a range of grant programs available to provide financial support to eligible businesses and workers in South Australia.
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Regional Work SA

Find out what support and services are available to recruit regional or seasonal employees.
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Rural Business Support (RBS)

The Small Business Financial Counselling (SBFC) program provides practical support to small business owners in rural areas who are concerned about the impact of drought, bushfire and/or COVID-19 on their business.
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