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Integrating technology solutions to transform your business

Get your business working smarter by tapping into technology.

Introducing new technology into your business can transform your operations and achieve your growth goals.

As a small business owner, your time and money are your most important assets – but they’re not unlimited. Technology can help you leverage your time and money in more efficient and effective ways.

Technology can make your business run more smoothly, reach more customers, lift your profits and support growth.

Your business may already be reaping the benefits of the digital economy. You may be one of the many small business owners who used technology to successfully pivot to the changing conditions in delivering goods and services.

The digital economy and Covid-19 are changing customer’s expectations. They expect quick, efficient, personalised interactions and technology can help you deliver.

There is a massive array of technological applications that can transform small businesses and ensure they are operating at their full potential. By integrating them in your business, you can stand out from your competition and get ahead of customer expectations.

To find out if you are getting the most out of your business, try a digital audit to identify areas that can be improved and streamlined with technology solutions.

Are you using technology to:

  • reach your customers and interact with suppliers?
  • sell your goods and services online?
  • streamline your operational processes?

Technology can transform every part of your business.

Here are some ways to integrate technology solutions in your business.

Customer Service

Software tools can help you attract more customers and better connect with them. Try eCommerce and customer relations management (CRM).


Digital tools can market your business, products and services more efficiently and effectively. You can adopt creative approaches, reach more people, and spread your marketing budget further.

Find more information about tools to market your business.

Financial management

Software can streamline the financial management of your business, saving you time and also pick up on areas where savings can be made.


Digital tools for collaboration can support you and your employees to communicate and collaborate no matter where you are.

Find more information about technology for collaboration.


You can use digital technology to deliver training and development for employees.

Find out more about tool for learning management systems.

Mobile Working and Telecommuting

Technology can also enable you to work from home – or anywhere else – saving money on office space and utilities.

Find more about digital tools for your operations.

How to get started?

  • Visit the Australian Government’s Business website to find information and tools to help your business take advantage of digital technologies
  • Your business plan can help you identify what kind of technology would benefit you and how you can fund it
  • When you introduce new technology into your business, you should also consider cybersecurity.
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