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Claim your slice of government work

Industry Advocate

South Australia established the Industry Advocate to help more local small businesses grow their enterprise by claiming a bigger slice of government work.

Small businesses are the engine of our economy, and we want to help you grow – and employ more South Australians - by accessing your fair share of government work. Investing the money flowing from government work into SA business and our economy benefits all of us.

The Industry Advocate:

  • promotes competitive and capable local businesses to government purchasers and private sector companies delivering government contracts
  • identifies reforms to procurement and contracting practices to ensure a level playing field for local businesses
  • ensures local businesses have opportunities to win work on major projects under the South Australian Industry Participation Policy.

The Industry Advocate also manages the SA Product + Services Register, an online directory which can promote your business for free to State government agencies and prime contractors.

Boost your businesses’ chance of winning government work.

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