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Migration to SA

Welcoming new skills, talent and ideas to our state

SA a great place to do business and we welcome new skills, talent and ideas into our economy.

South Australia welcomes newcomers bringing their businesses to our state. You are a valuable part of our economy and our community.

SA is a great place to set up a business. We have many unique conditions that make us the perfect environment for your businesses to flourish.

Our government is stable and supportive, and recognising that businesses power our economy, has implemented a range of initiatives to attract and grow businesses.

We’ve been rated the most competitive state in Australia for business costs, including labour costs around 10 per cent below the national average.

Our world class universities are generating a pipeline of new graduates with the skills and knowledge to enhance your business.

South Australia’s long history of traditional manufacturing has left us with a highly skilled workforce and valuable infrastructure, helping us pivot into new high-tech industries, including advanced manufacturing.

Now South Australia is leading the way across a range of existing and emerging sectors, including space, defence, health, advanced manufacturing and education.

We have established a concentration of cutting-edge research and development facilities and infrastructure to support innovation, including:

These facilities and networks are attracting companies which are developing new technology to help businesses grow.

Exporting is a key part of South Australia’s economy, and we have close ties to Asian markets. Our government is ramping up efforts to support businesses to export, including re-establishing links to UK and European markets post-Brexit.

All of these factors make South Australia an unbeatable place to establish your business.

South Australia welcomes the opportunity to work with business migrants to guide you through the process of establishing your business and settling in SA.

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