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Business premises

Deciding on the type and location for your business

Choosing a base for your business can be vital for your success.

Consider what you plan to do there, legal requirements, your finances, and where your customers or suppliers are.

When choosing a site for your business, think about:

  • suitability of the premises (it's size, location and fitout)
  • conditions of the lease (if you’re leasing) eg. term, rent, expenses and required maintenance
  • requirements for items like stock, high level servers or machinery or specific physical security measures.

As your business changes or diversifies, your initial location may not fit the bill anymore.

If you run an online business, you may also need a place to operate and store stock - this could be at home, or you may choose to rent a commercial space.

Making a check list can help you compare how different premises and locations can support your business.

Before signing a lease

It's important to seek financial and legal advice before signing any contract.

In addition, the Office of the Small Business Commissioner oversee the lodgement and refund of retail and commercial bonds, and may be able to assist in providing further support and information.

Choosing a premises

Check out the different types of premises below to see which suits you.

Securing a suitable premises is one of the biggest and most complex decisions you will make for your business.

The Small Business Commissioner is responsible for administering the Retail and Commercial Leases Act 1995. The Office of the Small Business Commissioner also provides information and assistance to parties on their legislative rights and obligations.

For more information, visit the Small Business Commissioner South Australia.

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