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The Alternative can connect you to graduate talent

5th Oct 2023
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The Alternative can connect you to graduate talent

Expressions of interest are being sought from South Australian businesses who would like to access graduate talent.

An initiative of the SA Government, The Alternative is a new program helping graduates start their careers by connecting them to South Australian businesses.

The program provides graduates with three paid industry placements over 18 months, enabling graduates to spend six months at each organisation.

What are the benefits for your business?

The Alternative provides a new outlet for business to access fresh talent on a paid rotational placement basis.

By signing up to the program, your business could benefit from new ideas and fresh perspectives from newly minted graduates, who could be the next leaders within your organisation.

The program is a cost effective and time efficient way of tapping into new resources and new ways of working to refresh your operations. The South Australian Government will provide ongoing support for program participants, including relevant training to eligible SA businesses.

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