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How to attract the right talent in a competitive market

If you’re looking for new staff but are struggling to attract great candidates or finding that your usual approach to source new hires is no longer working, here are some considerations that can help you position yourself as an employer of choice.

  1. Promote your business: When you think about your business, you probably focus on it from your customer’s perspective - but what about as an employer? How can job applicants or prospective employees get a feel for your company culture, values and what it's like to work there?
  2. Build an online presence: Optimise your website with updated details about your company and current vacancies. Share engaging content and give people a taste of your work culture. It’s likely that potential applicants will critically review your online presence to get a feel for whether they would enjoy working for you.
  3. Offer perks: Salary and benefits are a big deal when it comes to attracting talent. Do your research and make sure your what you’re offering is on par with your competitors or industry standards. Could you introduce non-monetary benefits such as flexible hours, training opportunities and rewards programs?
  4. Focus on career growth: Top performers usually want opportunities to grow in their job. Can you demonstrate that you want to help them develop their careers? Consider providing ongoing training or a mentor system, and explore opportunities for advancement for them if they stay with you.
  5. Foster a positive work culture: A positive work culture can really make a difference. Create an inclusive and supportive space – you can do this by listening to your employees to find out what they value and what will create a positive culture. Focus on culture fit for when hiring new employees – the best talent on paper might not be the best cultural fit for your organisation.
  6. Woo passive candidates: Not all the best talent is actively job hunting—get proactive and reach out to people you’d like to hire but are working elsewhere. Tap into your connections or use networking platforms such as LinkedIn.
  7. Streamline the hiring process: Don't bore your candidates with a never-ending hiring process. Keep things smooth and efficient. Give timely feedback to candidates. But most importantly, tailor your approach to each candidate, so the entire process is personalised to their goals.
  8. Get involved with education: Partner with local or industry-specific schools and further education institutions to tap into fresh talent. You can offer work experience, internships, traineeships or apprenticeships to give students valuable experience and find potential future hires.
  9. Keep up with the latest trends: Stay in the loop with industry developments, job market changes and what candidates in your industry might be looking for. Keep fine-tuning your hiring game to stay competitive.
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