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Workplace safety in a post-COVID world

The has pandemic reshaped the way many of us work. Businesses everywhere have had to adapt to new ways of operating, which has quickly become the ‘new normal’.

As we move forward in this post-pandemic era, it's important to consider some adjustments in your workplace to keep everyone safe, mentally and physically healthy and productive.

Here are some simple strategies and important things to consider in your workplace in a post-COVID world.

Tips for your business:

  1. Keep health and safety in the spotlight: If you have employees, their well-being should be number one. Pay attention to public health information and news, stay up to date on the guidelines from health authorities and put measures in place to minimise the risk of infection. Keep promoting good hygiene in the workplace with posters and notices in communal areas (such as kitchens and bathrooms), have hand sanitiser readily available, stick to regular cleaning routines and encouraging sick employees to stay at home.
  2. Embrace flexibility: The pandemic taught us the value of flexible work arrangements. Depending on the nature of your work, consider adopting a hybrid model where employees can work remotely or have flexible hours. It's not just about physical distancing, but also about giving your team a better work-life balance and boosting productivity.
  3. Revamp your workspace for social distancing: Keep any social distancing changes you made in your workplace or consider necessary adjustments to ensure safe distances are encouraged. You could consider moving desks around, creating more space between workstations, or installing barriers where possible. Why? You want everyone to have enough room to breathe (literally).
  4. Get tech-savvy: For some types of small businesses, you can consider investing in remote collaboration tools. Maybe it’s a reliable video conferencing platform, project management tools and instant messaging apps – or maybe it’s time to take rostering from print to online. These tools will help your team communicate and collaborate seamlessly. Don't forget to train everyone on how to use them effectively.
  5. Support mental health: The pandemic has been tough on mental wellbeing. Give your employees the support they need. Offer access to counselling services and create a safe environment where it's okay to talk openly about mental health challenges.
  6. Lock it down with cybersecurity: With remote work and digital platforms on the rise, cybersecurity is more important than ever. You can implement extra precautionary methods such as multi-factor authentication or Single Sign-on (SSO), upgraded software systems and educate your team about cybersecurity and data privacy when sharing documents online.

  7. Keep that team spirit alive: Remote or hybrid work models can sometimes make people feel disconnected. Schedule regular virtual team-building activities or organise virtual social events to keep your team connected.

  8. Communicate regularly: Clear communication is key during times of change. Be open with your employees about the adjustments you're making and the reasons behind them. Share updates, guidelines and safety protocols regularly. Keeping everyone in the loop will create a sense of trust and understanding within your workplace.

The post-pandemic world is a moving target. However, you can stay on top of the latest developments, regulations and best practices online with SA Health.

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