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Small and family business stories

South Australia’s 150,000 small and family businesses and your 300,000 staff are the foundation of our community.

The Women in Business Program is designed to give entrepreneurial-minded women every opportunity to pursue your goals, leading to a more diverse and inclusive business community.

The program supports women in all stages of your business, from building skills, capabilities and strategies, through to expanding leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Hear stories from some of South Australia’s inspiring women in business, your experience of the program and the impact it is having on your business.

Women in Business stories

Chelsea Johnson 01 1

Meet Chelsea Johnson, Managing Director of Cargo Catering Co.

Sarah Drogemuller 01

Meet Sarah Drogemuller, of Paracombe Wines

Kylie Roberts 02 2

Meet Kylie Roberts, owner of Aleenta Health Club

Tahlia Melino 01

Meet Tahlia Melino from Melino Legal

Annunziata Thompson 03

Meet Annunziata Thompson from Mrs D’s Cookies

Christina Paxon 02

Meet Christina Paxon from Lymphoedema Wellness

Irena Melino 05 1

Meet Irena Melino from Wild Ivy Studio

Dipleen Arneja 03

Meet Dipleen Arneja from Aeon Disability Services

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