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So, you want to start or acquire a business? There are several ways to start a business, and each has benefits and challenges.

It’s important to prepare for what may come, and what could affect your business. You can save time and money, and increase your chances of success, if you’re aware of the challenges, risks and available support before you start. 
The type of business that’s best for you will be guided by your lifestyle, interests and passions, skills and experiences, financial situation, goals, and timing. You may find that you have identified a new product, service, or an area with great growth potential.
The resources in this site will help you learn how to start and run a business.

Guide to starting a business

This guide is designed to help you start out on the path to success by assisting you to consider some of the main requirements and relevant points for starting and operating a business in South Australia, including if you are looking to buy all or part of an existing business.


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