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How to write a job ad

If your organisation is looking to recruit, the first step is writing a great job advertisement.

A job ad that is clear and concise, and contains key information about the role you’re offering will help you to attract the right candidates.

Here are some tips for writing effective job ads for care and support roles.

Sell the role

There are many benefits to working in the care and support sector.

Flexible working arrangements, competitive pay and conditions, on-the-job training and development, and the rewarding and meaningful nature of the work are all appealing aspects you should highlight in your job ad.

You may like to lead with a few bullet points highlighting the most attractive aspects of working for your organisation, such as:

  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Choose the shifts you want
  • Great work-life balance
  • Learn on the job.

Keep it simple

The care and support sector is open to people from diverse backgrounds and experience, including students, young people looking for meaningful work, unskilled workers, and professionals looking to transfer the skills into the sector.

Some of these people may have little or no familiarity with the wide range of roles and responsibilities within the care and support sector.

To appeal to a wide range of audiences, write your job ad in a simple, open and friendly way.

You should also ensure your application process is simple, understandable and accessible – an overly complex process deter potential workers. For example, consider providing an online application form as well as a printed form that can be collected or posted.

Set expectations

People who have not worked in the sector before may not have a clear understanding of what care and support work entails.

In your job ad, explain how varied the roles can be and that each client is an individual with unique needs and interests.

Provide examples of some of the duties that may be involved, such as driving clients to and from their personal appointments or participating in their hobbies and activities.

Try to avoid using jargon or acronyms that people outside the sector won’t understand. Also be clear about what are the minimum requirements for the role – for example a police check, a driver’s licence or computer literacy.

As well as the responsibilities of the role, include information about the wider team and organisation, normal working hours and pay.

Appeal to their experience

People who are re-entering the workforce or transferring into the sector may feel intimidated by their lack of knowledge or qualifications.

Highlight the importance of transferable skills that will help them in the role. For example, if they have worked in retail or hospitality or spent time caring for family members, this is valuable experience for care and support work.

Describing personal attributes in your job ad, such as being a good listener or an empathetic person, is another way to attract candidates with the right values and attitudes.

Next steps

In your ad, explain the next steps in the recruitment process and how you would like candidates to respond. This might be by phone, email, an online application, or attending a community event or meet-and-greet.

For additional support in attracting potential candidates and growing your organisation, including tools and resources for employers in the care and support sector, download our employer toolkit.

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