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Offset your business' emissions

After taking action to reduce your business' emissions, any remaining emissions can be offset by paying for greenhouse gases to be avoided, reduced or removed by projects in Australia and other countries.

This may include emissions associated with transport (including air travel) and energy generation.

Typical offset projects include solar farms, small hydroelectric projects, tree plantings etc. These projects generate tradable units for each tonne of emissions they avoid or remove from the atmosphere, which businesses can purchase to compensate for their unavoidable emissions.

There are a number of Australian offset retailers who provide web-based emissions calculators and can sell a range of voluntary carbon offset units or credits. These can be used to become net zero, or you may choose to offset one emissions type.

You should also check that any offsets you purchase are of a type that is verified by an internationally recognised standards organisation, to ensure they represent genuine emissions reduction or avoidance. This is especially important if you want to seek carbon neutral certification for your business under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard, as only certain offset units are eligible for use.

Access the ClimateClever Business Platform

Industry Capability Network has partnered with ClimateClever to provide businesses with an easy and cost-effective way to measure and reduce emissions in four steps:

  1. Measure baseline emissions
  2. Take action using a library of actions
  3. Track progress
  4. Offset any remaining emissions

Sign up at ClimateClever - it's free for businesses with one site, with discounted paid options available for more support, reporting and more sites.

More information on purchasing offsets and carbon credit verification is available below.

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