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Reduce your business' emissions

To reduce your business' emissions, create an action plan that monitors and reviews emissions.

Your plan should:

  1. identify your business’ emissions reduction goals and priorities
  2. identify what actions are required, and
  3. estimate the time it will take you to get there.

Involving your staff in developing the action plan is a great way to gather new ideas and build support for change.

Whether you are just starting out, or further along the road to becoming carbon neutral, there are simple steps you can take to reduce your business' emissions.

To assist your plan, below is a list of examples to help get you started.

Energy management

Understand your business' energy consumption and explore ways to improve efficiency. Not only will reducing energy consumption benefit the environment, it will help save you money and resources.

As a first step, complete an energy audit of your business. Then, explore actions such as:

  • Switching to LED bulbs.
  • Adjusting heating and cooling system timings, temperatures and rooms.
  • Installing a smart meter.
  • Insulating your buildings.
  • Switching to a renewable energy plan, or install your own renewable electricity or heating.

Several services and grants are also available to help South Australian small businesses improve their energy efficiency, including the Energy Advisory Service, which provides free, independent energy saving advice and referrals, and the Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS), which can assist with activities such as installing energy efficient lighting.

The Australian Government's website features energy management advice for businesses.

Travel and transport

  • Introduce a cycle to work scheme.
  • Use company cars more efficiently.
  • Switch to electric vehicles.
  • Use a car share service.
  • Encourage staff to leave cars at home.
  • Use online conferencing rather than flights to business meetings.

Appliances, Equipment, Office Supplies and Waste

  • Minimise the waste from your products and packaging.
  • Reduce your food waste.
  • Choose energy efficient appliances.
  • Think sustainably when ordering office supplies.
  • Use green refrigerants and appliances.
  • Buy local where you can.
  • Choose sustainable web hosting.

Green Industries SA have further information and programs to help with reducing waste and improving resource efficiency.

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