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South Australia's Small Business Strategy 2023 - 2030

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South Australia’s Small Business Strategy 2023-2030 is designed to support small businesses to adapt, grow and succeed, now and into the future.

South Australia’s Small Business Strategy 2023-2030 outlines how the Government’s policies and programs will support and empower you to take your small business to new heights.

This strategy aims to create jobs, build our economy and – most importantly – future-proof South Australia’s 150,000 small businesses.

The world is changing, so this strategy is flexible to ensure we both deliver against our objectives and respond to new challenges as they emerge.

There are 20 initiatives within six themes designed to support you to adapt, grow and succeed, help you respond to challenges and recover from adversity, and take advantage of new opportunities.

Through this strategy, we are:

  1. Helping you build a stronger future
  2. Helping you build a team to grow with you
  3. Helping your business in a digital world
  4. Helping you create a greener future
  5. Helping you support diversity in business
  6. Helping you find what you need

View South Australia's Small Business Strategy 2023-2030

Read the full strategy for Small Business in South Australia and download a printable version.

20 Initiatives for Small Business in South Australia

Learn more about the strategy's 20 initiatives for small business and register to receive more information.

South Australia’s economic engine room

Generating more than $49 billion during 2021-22, small businesses are the lifeblood of our community, creating jobs and supporting workers, suppliers and families across South Australia.

Every day, around 150,000 small businesses and their 300,000 staff deliver products and services throughout South Australia, the nation and the world. They invent and innovate; take risks and adapt; and are a binding force for our local community.

The profile of South Australia’s small businesses reflects the evolving nature and diversity of our state.

150K (98%)Small businesses in South Australia
There are approximately 150,000 small businesses (0-19 full time employees), representing 98% of all business registrations in South Australia.
300K (40%)People employed by small businesses
More than 300,000 people are employed by small businesses, representing almost 40% of the total South Australian workforce.
$49bn (38%)Contribution of the economy
South Australia's small businesses contributed $49 billion to the economy in 2021-2022, which equates to 38% of GSP.

Insights from small business

View the findings and insights from the comprehensive statewide engagement program.

An extensive state-wide engagement program was undertaken in 2022 with more than 1,000 small and family business owners through roundtable discussions, in-depth interviews, and an online survey.

The engagement program helped paint a strong picture of the current small and family business landscape in South Australia, the challenges these businesses face, and the support they need to grow and thrive. The insights have helping form South Australia's Small Business Strategy 2023-2030.

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