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Winning work with Government

How to become more competitive and compete for government work

Grow your business by claiming a slice of state and federal government work

Have you considered tapping into the steady flow of state and federal government projects to build your business?

South Australian small businesses can take advantage of opportunities for growth by bidding for work with government.

Learn the rules to better compete for government work

To ensure a fair tender process, every government department is required to comply with a set of strict guidelines and policies that govern their decision-making.

Understanding these rules is the first step to becoming tender ready.

For example, in South Australia, government agencies and private parties contracting to the South Australian Government are required to comply with the South Australian Industry Participation Policy and the supporting Procedural and Reporting Guidelines.

Access opportunities to grow your business

The digital economy is equipping small businesses to become more competitive and agile and better able to compete for government work.

If your business is capable and competitive in the private sector, you are well-placed to win government work.

You could even partner with other small businesses that complement your offering to collaborate on a bid.

The South Australian government recognises the massive contribution of small businesses to our economy and our community and is increasing opportunities for you to claim your share of state government work.