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How AI can become your small business partner

How AI can become your small business partner

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer the domain of tech giants; it's available and ready for small businesses to tap into now.

Using AI and automation could elevate your productivity, sharpen your competitive edge, unlock hidden value in your data and provide you with greater insights.

At a breakfast event during Small Business Week on Friday 3 May, hear from Dr Zygmunt Szpak, co-founder and Director of Insight Via Artificial Intelligence (IVAI), who will explore examples of AI applications for small businesses to get you thinking about how you can incorporate AI into your operations.

The session will dive into practical applications you can use immediately, from summarising lengthy reports to crafting social media plans and generating product descriptions.

You’ll also hear about how large language models are redefining information search, making it faster and more effective. You’ll come away equipped with concrete steps to get started and leverage this exciting technology in your own small business.

IVAI is an Australian technology company conducting research and product development in diverse fields, specialising in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and associated technologies such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Augmented Reality. IVAI has a strong focus on advancing human-machine teaming with trusted and explainable AI.

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