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Workshops to boost small businesses sustainability

Workshops to boost small businesses sustainability

South Australia’s small and family business owners are encouraged to take advantage of free workshops that will improve your understanding of the value sustainability brings to business operations and build your skills and capability to implement environmental, net zero and circular economy practices.

The Small Business Sustainability Support Program – a key initiative under South Australia’s Small Business Strategy is designed to give you the tools to adapt, grow and succeed in a net zero future.

South Australian company 2XE Pty Ltd will deliver 18 workshops and one-hour consultations for up to 360 small businesses across the state – with the first in Adelaide on 1 May, as part of Small Business Week.

Workshops will be delivered in both the metropolitan and regional areas. More information on the other workshops will be coming soon, so stay tuned for workshops coming to your region.

Your small business could get a sustainability assessments

During Stage 2 of the program, 2XE will conduct business sustainability assessments for 50 small businesses.

Chief Executive of 2XE Nick Palousis says that environmental sustainability is great for businesses’ bottom line, and a major driver of competitive advantage for the state.

“The Small Business Sustainability Support Program will be delivered with the mindset that being environmentally sustainable is no longer just a ‘nice thing to do’, but now makes good business sense,” Nick says.

“Whether it’s reducing your energy costs, building a sense of pride in the workplace or engaging your customers in a more meaningful way, we’re confident that small business in SA will get tangible value from participating.”

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