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New membership to help start and support small businesses on their cyber journey

New membership to help start and support small businesses on their cyber journey

The membership will include access to industry connections, free resources, exclusive training, and product discounts which have all been designed to support small businesses.

Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre Interim Chief Executive Officer, Paula Oliver, said “one of the biggest challenges of running a small business is prioritising where to invest your time and money.”

“We have created a membership specifically for small businesses to answer these important questions and help them get started and then continue supporting their cyber journey.

“The membership comes with valuable connections and access to industry forums and information session, networking events, connecting members with peers and saving time sourcing trusted, reputable providers.

“Our Affiliate program also provides members with access to exclusive discounts on workshops and training offerings on various cyber security topics.”

The Affiliate Membership adds to the growing list of services and resources the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre now has available, some of which are exclusive to members.

This includes a recently launched Tool Kit for SMEs – an online resource providing free, effective tools that organisations in Australia can use to reduce their cyber risk.

The Affiliate Membership also provides access to the Cyber Clinic – a free consultation service launched in April that has been so popular sessions have doubled per month.

Learn more about the Affiliate Membership by visiting the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre website.

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