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Responding to a changing climate

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There has never been a more important time to consider both the climate change risks to your business and the impact of your business on the environment.

South Australia is no stranger to natural disasters. Many businesses were devastated by the 2019 bushfires that swept through the Adelaide Hills, Kangaroo Island and other regions. Not to mention the current warnings in place from the South Australian State Emergency Service concerning the Murray River high flows from upstream*.

Managing climate change risks

The changing climate poses a wide variety of risks for small business including physical impacts to buildings and staff from extreme weather events, supply chain and market disruptions, or changing affordability of insurance and finance.

The way in which your business will be impacted will vary depending on your industry, location and vulnerabilities (such as what your business facilities are made from, and the services it depends on).

To assist businesses in managing these risks, the Office for Small and Family Business have provided information on the website.

Achieving net zero

Another way South Australians can respond to climate change is by focusing on lowering greenhouse gas emissions across the state.

Many normal business activities, like driving cars, printing documents, using electricity, and generating waste, produce greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions are released into the atmosphere and have an impact on the environment.

Businesses may find customers, finance providers, supply chain participants and employees will begin asking questions about the impact their business is having on the environment.

Reducing the impact on the environment starts by focusing on reaching net zero. This can be done by calculating business emissions, reducing emissions and then offsetting the unavoidable emissions through environmentally-friendly initiatives.

For more information on how to become a net zero business visit the website.

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