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SA produce proves popular on Japanese e-commerce site

SA produce proves popular on Japanese e-commerce site

Almost $100,000 worth of sales have been achieved by South Australian businesses through Japan’s largest online e-commerce site Rakuten since its launch in May this year.

The website – which has more than 100 million users in Japan – lists South Australian businesses on its ‘Tasting South Australia’ page and has already attracted around 70,000 unique visitors.

South Australians are listed among more than 50,000 businesses, across more than 30 countries, selling products available to purchase on Rakuten, which has 1.4 billion global members.

The site will soon be expanded to include South Australian seafood exporters. Popular in Japanese cooking and culture, the state’s premium seafood will only add to the site’s growing status.

Through the partnership, the Tasting South Australia page provides consumers with the opportunity to purchase some of the state’s best beer, gin, wine, honey, seafood, sweets, spreads and pet food.

Some of the South Australian companies that feature on the Rakuten website as part of the Tasting South Australia page, include NovaFarms, Buzz Honey, Hither & Yon, Prohibition Liquor Co, Southern Kuya and Pet Snacks.

The e-online platform represents 27 per cent of the e-commerce market share in Japan and is the largest marketplace in Japan offering e-commerce in fin-tech, communication service and digital content to its active users.

For further information about support available to South Australian exporters, visit the export website and the Rakuten Tasting South Australia page.

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