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SA screen businesses receive SAFC accelerator loan boost

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SA screen businesses receive SAFC accelerator loan boost

South Australian screen companies KOJO Studios and Closer Productions are primed for expansion after being selected for the first round of the South Australian Film Corporation's Screen Business Accelerator Program (SBAP).

The two companies will receive business loans of up to $200,000 per year for up to two years.

The SBAP supports established South Australian screen businesses to expand, diversity, innovate and grow.

The funding can be used for a range of activities, including slate funding, business capability, financial planning, engagement and retention of personnel, research and development, marketing, innovation and more.

KOJO Studios and Closer Productions were among six SA screen companies to receive specialised business training and up to $5,000 for business mentoring as part of the Screen Business Planning and Mentoring Program last year.

KOJO Studios has delivered a range of feature film and television series including the highly-acclaimed projects First Day, Top End Wedding and 2067.

Closer Productions is a creator-led company known for its distinctive, compelling and innovative content, including television series Aftertaste (ABC) and The Hunting (SBS).

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