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Women in Business events in regional South Australia

Women in Business events in regional South Australia

The Women in Business Foundations Program is travelling to the regions, with upcoming events for program participants in Port Elliot and Loxton.

Delivered by the Adelaide Business Hub, the Women in Business Foundations Program supports women in the early stages of their business, providing one-on-one mentoring and access to small group workshops, events and network forums.

By signing up to the program, women can get support to build management skills and growth strategies for their business.

Upcoming Women in Business Foundations Program events include:

Monday 26 June, Port Elliot

Market strategies for success: what businesses need to know in 2023

Presented by Sharni-Marie Barney from FORJ Marketing, learn about top online marketing strategies, social media and running successful ads to reach new audiences.

Tuesday 1 August, Loxton

Scale and power up your business

Presented by Executive Coach Priya-Marie Robert, get insights and tips on building your ideal client profile, developing your sales strategy, maximising e-commerce platforms to drive growth, and more.

This event is sold out

The South Australian Government’s $4 million Women in Business (WiB) program aims to help businesswomen overcome barriers to success.

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