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Women in Business - Irena Melino, Wild Ivy Studio

Women in Business - Irena Melino, Wild Ivy Studio

After 18 years as a florist, Irena Melino opened her own business, Wild Ivy Studio. Specialising in pressing flowers to turn them into long-lasting artworks, she primarily works with brides looking to preserve their wedding bouquets.

As a new business owner, Irena struggled to work out which path she wanted to take her business down. While pressed florals are very popular in the UK and US, they’re not as well known in Australia and she was concerned with how she would switch people’s perception from something seen as a hobby, to something that would succeed as a business.

When she joined the Women in Business Program, she was looking for support to help her market and promote her business and build a client base, helping her find the confidence she needed.

Through the Women in Business Program, she was able to understand how unique her service was and in turn this helped her decide where she wanted to take her business. She gained the practical skills she needed to build a strong business, but also felt supported and encouraged by the new network she had around her.

Watch the video to find out more about Irena’s experiences in the Women in Business Program and how it helped her overcome the challenges she was facing for the future of her business.

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