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Speaker Profile

Paulette Kolarz Bespoke HR

Paulette Kolarz,

Managing Director

Paulette Kolarz is recognised as one of Australia’s leading authorities in Human Resource Management and Leadership Development.

Paulette believes “you cannot have good HR without great leaders” and that these areas both go hand and hand.

Paulette helps business owners, boards and CEO’s attract, retain and grow their leaders and build high achieving, engaged teams.

With more than 20 years working in HR, she has significant experience in providing end to end people solutions.

Having been awarded the Telstra Business Women of the Year, The PricewaterhouseCoopers Young Business Women of the Year and the Hudson Private and Corporate Business Women of the Year in South Australia, she has spoken to thousands of people on the topics of effective leadership, building strong cultures, team effectiveness and HR trends to name a few.

Today, Paulette leads the BespokeHR team in the areas of HR Consulting, Recruitment and Training and Development, with a mission of continuing to shape Australia’s greatest places to work.

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