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Speaker Profile

Fiona Homan Aus Competition and Consumer Commission

Fiona Homan,
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – National Anti-Scam Centre

Director of Scam Prevention and Outreach

Fiona has more than seven years’ experience designing and delivering cyber and scam awareness strategies.

Fiona joined the ACCC as the Director of Scam Prevention and Outreach ahead of the launch of the National Anti-Scam Centre in July 2023.

Prior to this she was the Director of Human Based Cyber Defence at the Australian Taxation Office.

Fiona’s public service career spans 20 years of leadership in frontline, project and strategy delivery, delivering to both internal and external audiences.

Fiona will be speaking at the following sessions
29th April 2024
12:30pm - 02:00pm
Online, Metro
National Anti-Scam Centre: Scams awareness for small business
Delivered by National Anti-Scam Centre (ACCC)
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