Industry associations

Are you in an industry association? Most industries in Australia have ‘industry associations’ that provide support, training and other services for member businesses.
Chambers of commerce, for example Business SA, also provide similar services.

Many industry associations also offer valuable networking opportunities you can access as a member through online communications and events.
You may have access to other benefits as an industry association member. For example some industry associations act as advocates for their sector, members and other stakeholders through relationships with government, research and education institutions, and the media.
While different associations perform different roles according to their short- and long-term priorities, your industry association is likely to offer some or all of the following services:

  • provide information about your industry (for example, how legislative changes will affect your business)
  • provide useful resources (such as details about programs to help you meet industry standards)
  • arrange and manage training and education programs
  • organise and conduct seminars and networking events
  • manage mentoring programs
  • connect you with other businesses in your industry
  • arrange public relations or advertising activities to promote your industry
  • organise advertising campaigns to educate or persuade the public about issues relevant to your industry
  • lobby on behalf of your industry to influence government policy. 

You may find that joining your industry association enhances your credibility within your sector while promoting both your business and your own qualifications and experience.
Most associations offer some information and services for free but require you to become a fee-paying member to access the full range of information, resources and services.
Search online to find information about associations relevant to your sector. If you have contacts in the industry, you may ask them for advice.

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