Sources of funding

When setting up a business or investing in new growth opportunities you will need funds to get started.

Explore your options for financing your new business opportunities, whether they be starting a new business or growth opportunities. Be mindful of any cash flow implications now or in the future for each option. How you would overcome or work with these or any other financial hurdles? Is it sustainable?
  • Private sector funding

    There are a number of finance options within the private sector that can assist you with obtaining capital to explore your business ideas. These include: 
    • self funding
    • loans through financial institutions (debt finance)
    • money from shareholders (equity finance)
    • crowd funding.

    Private sector funding
  • Government grants

    You might be a candidate for a government grant. There are a number of grants that the government provide to businesses, to assist them with new or growth ideas. Government grants exist across national, state and local governments. Each grant has it's own purpose and restrictions, however, it may assist in other decisions you need to make, such as where to locate your business.

    Government grants

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