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Ban on engineered stone from 1 July

Ban on engineered stone from 1 July

A national ban on engineered stone products will come into effect from Monday 1 July 2024 to protect workers from the risk of fatal lung disease.

The ban prohibits the manufacture, supply, processing and installation of engineered stone benchtops, panels and slabs.

The ban on engineered stone was based on recommendation by Safe Work Australia following expert advice about the rise of silicosis in engineered stone workers.

When engineered stone is processed – such as cutting, drilling, sawing or polished – it releases small particles of respirable crystalline silica dust that, when inhaled into the lungs, can cause silicosis – a disease resulting in permanent disability or death, and with no known cure except lung transplantation.

Engineered stone is safe once installed, so long as it remains undisturbed.

Businesses are not required to remove engineered stone products already installed prior to the 1 July ban.

Transitional arrangements exist in South Australia, so eligible contracts associated with the installation of engineered stone entered into on or before 31 December 2023 can be fulfilled, providing they are completed by 31 December 2024.

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