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New health service launched to support workers’ wellbeing

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New health service launched to support workers’ wellbeing

A new service to help South Australian businesses has been launched this week, designed to create a workplace that boosts employees’ mental and physical wellbeing.

Healthy Workplaces Service provides employers, large or small, with free and practical information to show how they can support their workers in a healthy and thriving environment through:

  • Addressing specific health and wellbeing issues, including stress reduction.
  • Developing health and wellbeing programs to promote physical activity, healthy eating, smoking cessation and alcohol reduction.
  • Linking into resources and support to improve mental health, decrease staff turnover and highlight workplace safety.

The prevention-focused service – developed after consultation with more than 250 workplaces – will help businesses take proactive steps to build a positive and safe work culture before challenges arise.

Work-related injuries and illnesses are estimated to cost the South Australian economy $5 billion each year, significantly impacting workplace productivity and performance while putting extra pressure on the healthcare system.

Concerningly, about 8 in 10 South Australian workers (83 per cent) have multiple risk factors – such as obesity, alcohol or smoking – with more than a quarter of workers also experiencing a mental health condition including anxiety and depression.

The service – part of a five-year, $3.6 million Healthy Workplace Strategy – is a joint initiative of Wellbeing SA, the Department for Industry, Innovation and Science, ReturnToWork SA, SafeWork SA and the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment, with Business SA also playing a key role in the project.

Businesses can sign up to use the service at

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