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Simple steps to get you started in sustainability

Simple steps to get you started in sustainability

We hear regularly from our small business community that becoming environmentally sustainable is important for the future of their business. Luckily, introducing impactful environmental and sustainable business practices doesn’t need to be difficult—all you have to do is start small.

As part of the 2024 South Australian Tourism Conference earlier this month, the Office for Small and Family Business hosted an insightful panel session on navigating sustainable practices as a small business.

The session featured guest speakers James McIntyre, Advisor at 2XE, Wendy Bevan, CEO at KESAB, Laura Herrero, Senior Advisor Business Sustainability, Green Industries SA, and Tony Sharley, business owner and founder of Murray River Trails.

With the importance of transitioning to a low-carbon economy being more essential than ever, panelists shared their top tips to help businesses get started:

  1. Educate yourself on sustainability: arm yourself with knowledge and get a good overview on what it means to be a sustainable business.
  2. Engage and connect: create connections and network with like-minded businesses in your community. Tap into new knowledge, resources and tools to identify new opportunities for sustainable solutions.
  3. Be curious: where can you reduce waste in your small business? Identify areas where you can reduce, reuse or recycle materials.
  4. Review your data: Look at your energy consumption and deep dive into the charges and costs involved. Identify machinery or equipment that consumes the most energy and calculate your business costs. You may need to consider any maintenance or upgrades to cut down on costs.
  5. Prioritise your time: Reflect on your business operations, take the time to educate yourself and invest in your business.
  6. Have a vision: think about what’s important for you in sustainability. What message do you want to share with your guests or customers?
  7. Listen to your customers: Get clear on the values and preferences of your customers. How environmentally conscious are they? What are their greatest concerns? Once you know what your customer wants, make a plan. Share your sustainability journey and the real actions you are taking by crafting powerful and authentic messages that resonate with them.

Want to embed sustainability practices in your business?

Increase your knowledge of sustainability and understand its relationship to your business by signing up to the Small Business Sustainability Program.

Delivered by 2XE, you can access workshops and one-hour consultations to give you the tools to adapt, grow and succeed in a net zero future.

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