Running your business

Whether you’re a sole operator looking for a steady income or a major operator intending to expand into international markets, you’ll need to have plans and strategies to provide a foundation for your daily business operations and your long-term productivity and growth.

You’ll also need to be aware of and comply with the financial, legal and staff-related obligations and licensing requirements that exist to help you manage your affairs within local, state and national frameworks.

Well-researched business planning provides the framework for your operations and intentions.

It will alert you to many of the problems you may face and how to minimise the impact of emergencies and other disruptions.

Business planning will also help you recognise when you’re ready to take the next steps in expanding into new sites, new markets or new supply chains.

Is your business wasting precious time on red tape ? Are you burdened with outdated regulations making it hard to run your business smoothly?
The Simpler Regulation Unit has delivered regulatory reforms resulting in real improvements for business and the community. In less than 2 years over 100 Acts and regulations have already been changed. If you have more ideas that will remove red tape, simplify your business processes and make it easier to deal with the South Australian Government email us at
The Government has made an ongoing commitment to cut red tape and remove outdated laws and reduce unnecessary and unproductive processes that impact on business to support innovation, new investment and jobs. This is reviewed annually so keep an eye out for the next consultation period.

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