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Business licences

Whether you’re a new business operator or have been running a business for some time, there will be financial and legal matters that you must consider.

Laws that could affect your business operations include the licences and permits you, your business and your employees may need to operate legally.
For example, you may need a permit to operate from home, to place a mobile van in a certain location, to operate a food business, or if you’re working with hazardous substances.
The Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) can help you identify the national, state, local and industry-specific licences, permits, approval, regulations and codes of practices you need to consider in your business.
ABLIS can help you create a personalised report about:

  • your state or territory, local and Australian government requirements
  • licence fees, periods of cover and renewals
  • how to apply and renew licences
  • where to go for more help and information.

Specialty Utility Licences

Depending on your business, location or industry you may have to comply with specialised regulations relating to the use of utilities. For example, businesses that generate trade waste (water and substances from commercial, industrial, business trade or manufacturing activities which is discharged to the sewerage system for removal and treatment) must apply for authorisation before discharging it.

It is recommended that all businesses regularly check ABLIS and make contact with utility providers such as SA Water and SA Power Networks to ensure they continue to comply with all licencing requirements.

Planning templates

Use these free planning templates and guides to help you better plan, prepare, manage, and exit a business. Investing time into proper research and planning can help turn your ideas into reality, and prepare you for what’s to come.

Business plan

A business plan works as a guide when your business is operating; how you operate, planning the future and preparing for risks. It is also often a required document for finance applications.

Marketing plan

An effective marketing plan can help you set clear, realistic and measurable marketing objectives for your business. It can boost your customer base increasing your bottom line.

Emergency plan

Your business is critical to your financial wellbeing, so you’ll want to protect it as much as you can against emergencies and disasters.

Succession plan

Planning for the day you leave your business is a valuable investment.

More help

It’s important to seek help early from the range of advice and support services available to you.

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