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Speaker Profile

Anthony Skeats

Anthony Skeats,
Micro X Ltd

Chief Operations Officer

Anthony is the COO of Micro-X Limited and is responsible for leading all R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and product support operations globally.

From initial foundation he helped secure funding, develop the company’s core technology platform, build a highly talented cross functional team and continues to guide the delivery of innovative and disruptive X-Ray products into commercial success.

A mechanical engineer with over 28 years’ experience in a broad range of industry and consumer product sectors, Anthony’s strong focus on customer led design has led to a number of award-winning products, as well as fostering a culture of innovation and learning amongst his team. He is passionate about pursuing novel engineering solutions that provide positive outcomes and benefits to all those who use them.

Anthony will be speaking at the following sessions
29th April 2024
04:30pm - 06:30pm
Business Acumen - Customer acquisition
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