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Speaker Profile

Rob Chisholm Polaris

Rob Chisholm OAM,
Polaris Centre

Senior Business Mentor

Rob has over 40 years of business experience and knowledge and started his first company at 27, the first of several businesses that went on to win awards locally and nationally.

His talent for leading companies and keen eye for holistic business operations gained him several appointments on company boards over the years both public and private. He also became a certified business coach and for 8 years worked with the government’s ‘The Business Owners Coaching Program.’ In recognition of his outstanding contributions and service to small business in SA, Rob received The Order of Australia Medal in 1985.

Rob’s perspective has been indispensable to the shaping of Polaris’s programs for business owners and operators, including our Mentoring for Success and Business Fundamentals programs, which he continues to manage and facilitate.

Clients attribute his effectiveness as a mentor to his genuine empathy and loyalty to them. Understanding that trust is key, Rob takes his clients’ businesses seriously and treats their matters with confidentiality and compassion.

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