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Speaker Profile

Sarah Curtis Fawley

Sarah Curtis-Fawley,
Centre for Business Growth

Growth expert

A founder andbusiness growth expert, Sarah has extensive knowledge on a range of business fundamentals.

Sarah Curtis-Fawley managed a large national research project on juvenile justice for the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in the United States before a Fulbright Fellowship brought her to Australia. She worked at Griffith University’s Department of Criminology and South Australia’s Social Inclusion Unit.

In 2008 Sarah moved back to the States and launched a specialty wholesale bakery and hospitality company in Portland, Oregon, which grew rapidly and led to her recognition as a ‘Woman of Influence’ by the Portland Business Journal.

Now back in Adelaide, Sarah lectures at the University of South Australia Business School, serves as a Non-Executive Director for several startup and scaleup businesses, and is the Managing Director of R&D Pumps and Power and Thinkwater Fleurieu.

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