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Health and wellbeing

Looking after yourself and your employees

Supporting good mental health in your workplace has benefits for you, your staff and your business.

Keeping your employees safe from mental health risks in the workplace is as important as looking after their physical health.

Businesses that prioritise mental health benefit from increased productivity, with workers recording fewer sick days and performing better, greater retention of staff, and fewer compensation claims – and they meet their legal responsibilities.

Many work-related mental health injuries can be avoided or reduced by good business management. That can include managing staff workloads and providing support, open and respectful communication with and between staff, clear complaint and grievance procedures, and a culture that does not tolerate inappropriate behaviours like harassment and bullying.

Tips to build a mentally healthy workplace:

  • Identify, reduce and eliminate mental health safety risks
  • Develop and promote workplace policies and practices that support positive mental health
  • Support workers returning after a physical or psychological injury
  • Promote and model looking after yourself and work-life balance
  • Recognise when you or your workers are not coping and find support
  • Encourage and model open and respectful communication
  • Provide education resources on mental health and safety

Check how your workplace is doing.

SA Helplines and Health Service Directories

Mental health and wellbeing resources

There are also many free resources specifically designed for small businesses to help look after you and your employees’ mental health.