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We have been receiving many enquiries from business owners who are understandably concerned about COVID-19 and its effects on their business.

Please view the FAQs below, and then contact us if you need to discuss your unique business situation.

Explore the following categories for FAQs

  • Where do I find COVID-19 updates?

    As a business owner, how can I keep up with the latest COVID-19 updates? 

    The Department for Innovation and Skills sends out regular newsletters tailored towards the South Australian business community. Subscribe now.  

    We also encourage you to regularly check for information on South Australia's COVID-19 response, including information on current restrictions. 
  • Financial support

    What financial support is available? 

    The Government of South Australia is working alongside the Australian Government to provide financial support to businesses and workers affected by the current COVID-19 lockdown.  

    If you’re a South Australian employee who has lost work as a result of the lockdown commencing 20 July 2021, you may be eligible for a COVID-19 Disaster Payment. Applications for this support will be managed by the Australian Government via Services Australia.  

    South Australian employees will be able to apply from 28 July 2021, with payments made in arrears.  

  • Do I need to wear a mask at work?

    Face masks are currently mandatory in most indoor public places. This incorporates healthcare and personal care settings, supermarkets and retail businesses, on public and passenger transport, and schools (for over 12-year-olds) where possible.

    Masks are also recommended in all tertiary education institutes and workplaces where they won't cause a significant impediment to business operations. Examples of where a mask might be most appropriate include in an open-plan office, elevator, or anywhere social distancing is not possible.

    For more detailed advice about mask requirements - and information on best face mask practice - visit the SA Health website.

  • Can my event go ahead?

    Despite the formal end to South Australia's lockdown period, anyone planning a corporate or personal event must still consider whether it can safely and legally proceed.

    There is currently a cap of 50 people able to attend weddings and funerals, with a stricter limit of 10 people allowed at private home gatherings.

    If you're planning an event, you can call the SA Health COVID-19 information line for up-to-date information: 1800 253 787.

    General information and advice around public activities is available at

  • Exposure sites

    What do I do if my business is listed as a COVID-19 exposure site? 

    As SA Health identifies COVID-19 cases in South Australia, some businesses are being named as exposure locations to help members of the public quickly identify whether there is a risk they have been exposed to COVID-19. 

    SA Health makes every effort to contact businesses prior to adding exposure locations to the website and releasing publicly, however this is not always possible. As the situation continues to evolve, the health and safety of the South Australia community is the number one priority. 

    If your business is listed as a COVID-19 exposure location, but you have not yet been contacted by SA Health, please immediately close the business (if not already required to under level 5 restrictions) and send staff home. 

    SA Health will be in contact as soon as possible to provide information about necessary cleaning, as well as staff testing and quarantine requirements. For the latest list of exposure sites, visit