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COVID-19 restrictions eased

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25th Feb 2022
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COVID-19 restrictions eased

Are you across the latest changes to COVID-19 safety measures in South Australia?

Yesterday afternoon, South Australia Police Commissioner Grant Stevens announced a raft of changes effective from Saturday, 26 February:

  • For hospitality venues, standup consumption will be allowed with density requirements eased to one person per two square metres indoors.
  • If the venue has indoor seated consumption only, the density requirement will be three people per four square metres. If the venue has a combination of standing and seated consumption, the cap will be one per two square metres.
  • There are no changes to current outdoor hospitality arrangements.
  • Buffets are permitted.
  • Private functions will be permitted with a one per two square metre density limit, capped at 150 people – with standup consumption, dancing and singing permitted.
  • Residential gatherings remain capped at 50 people.
  • Total easing of density limits for outdoor seated venues.

The state’s mask mandates for high-risk venues, indoor public places and on public transport, remain unchanged.

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