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Do you know your business fundamentals? Sign up to free or subsidised support

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Do you know your business fundamentals? Sign up to free or subsidised support

Whether your business is just starting out or growing, understanding core business fundamentals can give you the confidence you need to make important decisions, enhance your day-to-day operations and help your business thrive.

Understandably, many business owners are pulled into multiple directions making it hard to invest the time in strategy, planning and growth. However, without the basics, many struggle to boost their skills, capability and capacity.

Luckily, there is support available through the Small Business Fundamentals Program.

What’s involved?

The program, delivered by 12 partner organisations across metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia, is providing tailored support through mentoring and business coaching, training in legal and financial management, human resources, workforce development, digital literacy, strategic planning, and more.

Business fundamentals are delivered through workshops, seminars, mentoring and training sessions to help your business access essential knowledge and help you grow your business sustainably.

Many South Australian businesses have already embraced the support on offer, improving their foundational skills and driving meaningful change in their business.

Realize Properties Principal and Polaris Small Business Fundamentals Program participant Coral Sanford says the program gave her the tools and insights she needed to grow her business.

“Attending the Small Business Fundamentals Workshop has enlightened me. It revealed blind spots I overlooked after years in the industry. Now, we're actively engaging with Connecting Women in Business events, leveraging newfound insights, skills, and relationships to invigorate our business further." 

Ready to sign up? See what programs are available now.

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